girls just wanna learn

So not too long ago an adorable photograph of a little boy named Jake writing down his work at school went viral in my country and I particularly went crazy over this little boy (you would think he’s my son).
So little Jake inspired my to write about something I’m truly passionate about and that is girls getting the education they deserve. So I think sharing pictures taken by my favorite photographer ( @sam.vox on Instagram) will help people understand how eager girls are to learn and maybe encourage people to donate money to different charities that are working to get girls in schools just like Jake’s photo helped raise funds for his school.
 I’m also currently reading Malala’s book and I realize how I so easily take my education for granted however there are so many young girls out there who aren’t allowed to receive an adequate education. How can we prosper when we’re leaving 50% of the population behind? 

(Disclaimer I didn’t take any of these photographs these belong to my favorite photographer (@sam.vox on Instagram).)

So enough is enough we need to start talking about ways we can ensure that all girls get the education they deserve cause I’m pretty damn sure the world is in desperate need for some fresh female leadership. It’s not about favoring the girls over the boys, it’s about creating equal opportunities for females. Girls are amazing, we kick ass every single day and whatever boys can do we can do bleeding (I’m just saying). So let’s all start promoting education for young girls all around the world – not only is the future female but the present is too. 
Let’s take girls to school, who’s with me?

Love K 


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