Lifting Simba over pride rock.ย 

There’s a quotation that I’m obsessed with and it goes “wherever you have friends, that’s your country and wherever you receive love, that’s your home.” 

That’s why Africa is my home for more reasons than just the location of my birth. I’m South African and get these fluttering butterflies every time I say that, it’s like I’m in love- scratch that- I know I am in love with my home, if I could marry it I would (with its flaws and all). I can’t decide if it’s the friendly faces, the different languages coming together from every corner of the land to the incredible sense of humour every South African has ( I think that it’s especially important to have a sense of humour if you want to survive not just in South Africa but in Africa) that makes me love it more and more each day. 

I am however really ashamed to admit that I haven’t visited as many African countries as I should have by now( in my 17 soon to be 18 years of exsisting) and embarrassingly enough I have visited more European countries than African ones in fact I know that there are even some places in my own country that I haven’t visited *hides in shame* so I’m creating a list of all the must see places in Africa before I die. So far I have 5 – lol we’ll get there!
If anyone has any suggestions of specific (non-touristy) places in different African countries they encourage me to visit please let me know. 

(By the way these are not my photos they were taken by my favorite photographer and his Instagram handle is @sam.vox)

I hope you find solace here and everywhere else,

 Love K


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