The kid in me recognizes the kid in you 

God the news is depressing. If we’re being honest here I know I’m supposed to be really grown up and constantly be up to date with all that goes on in the world but sometimes you just want to be happy and feel light the figures. The horrific images of children killed by bombings or the refugee crisis and the living conditions in refugee camps makes me just lose my faith in humanity. And there’s only one thing that can restore it… playing with children. 
So it’s been a while since I last visited my favorite place on earth- Princess Alice Adoption Home. Nothing makes me happier and love humans more than spending time playing with these little humans (it’s really tiring though). They’re so forgiving and innocent only really concerned with playing with one another, sleeping and their next meal. I once watched a dispute over a toy car and I could imagine how adults would handle it: by threatening to send troops, using nuclear weapons and never ever forgetting how that person had wronged you. For these little people however it was so simple. After a few adorable tears all was forgotten and they were back to playing in the garden. I wish we all could take some tips. It’s a bit of wishful thinking I know but honestly think about all of the shit we could avoid if we learnt to MOVE ON and truly move on without holding grudges. 

*Sigh* I know the world isn’t about to adopt more childlike qualities any time soon. So for the time being I’ll avoid the news for a little while and hide away with the little people.

(Disclaimer these aren’t my photos they’re taken by an amazing photographer (@nazyxo on Instagram)) 

Find me where the little people are, 

Love K 


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