In Africa we have roads- Suprise!ย 

Movement can be linked to everything. From affecting performance at school, being able to tell what the economic conditions of a country are as well as the likeliness of a person arriving at their destination safely and on time. 

For me I think the greatest transportation change needs to be with the bus system, so in my country I think that this is the safest way for both children and adults to get around. The limitation however is that it’s pretty pricy as well as it being pretty limited in some areas. However I’m a firm believer in a bus system that can help all school children get to school from all over South Africa get to school safely and on time without having to stress about whether or not they’ll be stopped on the way for illegally speeding and driving through red robots with a broken tail light like they would in a taxis. 
If we had a fully functional school bus system the attendance at school would increase. A big contributing factor to our high dropout rates and our failing education system is that children struggle to even get to school. Many kids walk- for kilometers in the dark until the sun rises and is hot against their necks. These same kids wake up at ungodly hours of the morning to try and get to school on time. By the time they arrive (if they’re not late) they’re tired from all the walking, hungry from the exercise and have lived a whole life all before the first school bell has rung.

I know that some NGOs are trying to get children to use bicycles to make their daily commutes easier however personally I don’t think that this is a sustainable solution because the kids are still vulnerable and exposed on a bike and they still have to travel long distances and during the time spent on the road anything can happen to them. Instead I think we need to be investing in having a school bus system. I often volunteer for a Saturday school program for teenagers in grades 10 to 12 that is run at my school and I know that the program offers free bus transportation for the kids as well as hiring kindhearted and efficient drivers that build really tight relationships with the kids this is all to ensure these kids are getting to school on time and still have energy left in them to tackle the long day ahead of them filled with Shakespeare and Calculus. I see the merit in this and truly believe that investing in transportation is investing in education and in young people, so why haven’t we done it yet? 

(Ps none of these photographs were taken by me they belong to @diaryofzach on Instagram)

I hope I find you making all the right moves in life, 

Love K 


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