Can politics just chill?

Can I just hide away from all this political crap. 

Hahahahahahaha… oh my god. Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle literally has me shook to the core and I’m still kind of in denial. Although everywhere I turn politics and our president (and his notorious gang of ministers) seem to be there. So I’ve researched and come up with some ways to try and avoid it for a little while at least. 

#1 go to the gym– this is the healthiest way to avoid politics. You can easily escape the struggles of the outside world when you’re struggling to control your breathing. The aches and pains you feel in your body will definitely help you forget that your country is going through a rough patch. Personally I went to a dance class this weekend and I salsa danced all of my stresses, about our incompetent ministers and what this will mean for our economy and higher education, away. 
#2 Disconnect from all technology and go be in tune with nature– this is so unlike me I’m actually sick just writing about this… nature oh my god who am I? But on a serious note apparently nature helps calm people down and being in tune with Mother Nature helps. I just can’t do it. With all the bees, mosquitoes and the harsh South African sun I would be even more miserable than I would just watching the news. But maybe it will work for someone else…
#3 Try cooking. Now this is something I can get behind because its FOOD! So recently I bought Siba’s book( a popular South African chef and television host).It’s filled with so many interesting recipes that I’m dying to try and will probably mess up (if we’re being completely honest). But I’ll be too busy burning or over spicing the food that I will have completely forgotten about the tanking rand and the unstable political situation. 
#4 Do something exciting with friends. Currently I’ve been trying to make plans to go dancing or zip lining with my friends but these plans never seem to materialize. Honestly we’re horrible at making plans and normally forget about making them in the end. But for the sake of my sanity I need a good outing with some friends because I cannot keep refreshing news 24 and twitter to see if anything has improved. 
#5 if all else fails you can always hide. Or sleep. Just sleep your troubles away- a kind of a sleeping beauty situation and only wake up when necessary (for meals and getting to work/school). Hiding is honestly the easiest way it doesn’t require any other people or any sorts of physical pain… this is a bonus. 
So if anyone else has any suggestions on how to avoid politics for a little while I’m desperate to know. 
Find me escaping my reality,

Love K


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