Got a better idea?

Yeah didn’t think so

Get a drink and a snack because it’s ranting time.My biggest pet peeve is people who diss everything and anything without providing alternatives- I know often I’m guilty of doing this so I understand the constant moaning isn’t always intentional but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. 
This post was inspired by Twitter(an app that consumes most of my time). So this #blackmonday is going around, it was created by a group of people who aren’t happy with how South Africa is being governed or the cabinet reshuffle. However there was this one user( whom I actually follow for his witty commentary on politics In SA) who just kept finding everything wrong with this movement. I have no issues with someone disagreeing and leaving it there but this guys just went on and on about all the times marches were never created for other things, while of course he had a valid point, he irritated me to the point of no return where I felt compelled to actually tweet him and tell him if he’s so hurt then he should create a movement of his own. 
Literally this is the most irritating thing in my country. People disagree fiercely with things but then come up with no good solutions, people disagree with how the students are protesting for free higher education yet can’t come up with an alternative way of getting government to react,engage and fund education so they just take their anger to Facebook (this is why I absolutely hate Facebook it’s just a breeding ground for all those people who are butthurt yet want to hide behind a computer screen aka Facebook “activists”. )People are angry at the lack of political options in the country and believe they could do a better job but refuse to either change who they vote for or start their own political party. It’s infuriating. 

(Ps these photos aren’t mine and they have nothing to do with the blog post, they’re just for aesthetics so enjoy)

If you don’t like it. Change it. Or at least try to change it before you bulldoze every idea someone has worked hard on creating and actually had the guts to do. 
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Love K


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