For the Maikano Tabanes of this world.Β 

An open letter addressing President Jacob Zuma written by Maikano Tabane (btw she’s hoping to get it published in the newspaper)

Dear Honorable President. 

I, 13 year old Maikano Tabane, thought very hard about what I can as a child do to express what I am feeling and thought that penning a letter to you would be the best thing for me to do. I wish to inform you that you probably think that everything you do is for the country ‘s best and I acknowledge that I, among many my age, continue to wonder exactly your vision for this country is. We do not understand if you are either selfish in terms of stepping down or just unwilling to co – operate with the people of this country, both deceased and living. If I recall correctly, before the honourable Ahmed Kathrada passed on he did write a letter to you… which you decided to ignore. I hope that you realize that the future of all children in South Africa rests in your hands and I hope that you do realize that I do not think that it is correct that you are not listening or taking ideas from any of the elders of this country. I would also like to know what you think as a person with a mind and a conscience think that the honourable Madiba would think of the horrible situation you have put this country in. What did firing Mr. Nene and Mr Gordhan do to benefit this country? 
I really do hope that you come to terms with the fact that you are not the right person to be leading our country in this day and age. I hope that you take my suggestion to step down as president for the good of this country’s future.
I hope that my letter has inspired you to do what you as a person feel is right for this country. 
Yours Sincerely 

Maikano Tabane

This letter written by this young woman is something I’ll be sure to carry around with me for many years to come. It reminds me when injustices happen everyone is affected. I see her being a leader and I’m really inspired. I was nowhere close to being this informed about economics and politics when I was 13. While it saddens me that at such a young age she is worrying about the political and financial instability of this country it isn’t uncommon for young people to be the ones taking charge and trying to fix the mistakes and injustices they never created yet still instead inherited I have faith. Lately I’ve been so disappointed with my school and my sheltered community for never actually doing anything despite being incredibly privileged people. Instead all we do is complain and seldom try to change these circumstances. So I guess tomorrow when I march, I’ll march for young girls like Maikano Tabane. 

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One thought on “For the Maikano Tabanes of this world.Β 

  1. what a thoughtful letter. We hope one day that the presisdent reads and comprehends what the future of country has to say about this matter. The grammar however is disgusting,eh


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