Not yet Uhuru (part one)ย 

Tinyiko Mthenjane: Hmm, I would like to start a movement for the removal of class boundaries between South African black youth. My magazine is one way im doing it and I have others as well. I guess I can’t really answer your second one [about why she hasn’t started an initiative]cause I have done so, sort of.ย 
Keitumetse Pule: It would be a movement celebrating young people and recognizing their individual potential to achieve greatness beyond their circumstances. I’d start a club which would create a platform for personal development skills. I’m already kinda doing that in various ways. Entrepreneurial club [that she started at our school] and the KKP instagram interviews are an aspect of doing that – side note: she also has an amazing blog so go have a look!ย 
Melody Dube: I would be more interested in starting initiatives for things I’m passionate about; like developing quality education and developing the minds of young children in the rural areas so that they have the same opportunities as children who attend private school so I would create an initiative that educates kids from disadvantaged communities on a regular basis. The reason why I haven’t is kinda selfish but it’s because I don’t have enough time, I’m also aware that I haven’t put in enough effort to try and connect with people that could help my initiative progress. However I do feel that in university it will be easier to escape my bubble and make connections with likeminded people.ย 
Ntokozo (Siya) Zwane: Well I’d start a “We’re all human” movement because I feel like the reason for a whole lot of the violence and “-isms” is that people are scared/confused by different.How I’d do it is by sticking up random posters of “facts” about people that are seen as different like: “Gay people fart too” or “Women can also run a business”I haven’t done it yet: because I feel like I’d get into serious trouble at my school for posting something so radical around the school that would “ruin the image”
Minenhle Molefe: Okay, I’m like Melody. I would want to start an initiative probably about sex education for girls and how girls should be empowered to express their sexuality.I would try to accomplish it by starting within my own friends and family and then stretch it out from there.I haven’t done it yet because I am still learning to embrace my sexuality and learn that it is not a bad thing.
Nhlanhla Masango: I don’t know… I don’t know. I know this will be really lame. The reason why I don’t know and haven’t started a movement is because it really isn’t my thing and I think they’re people for such things. I’m more of a spectator and the guy who will sit at the back.
Khanyisile Tshabalala: I think if I had to start a movement it would be centered around decolonizing our education system. School is a place of growth and where fundamentals are taught. If we are already learning in subtle ways that white is better I think it becomes confusing and detrimental for black boys and girls. It has affected me and I think other black people share similar sentiments. The reason I haven’t done anything about it is cause I don’t know how to go about it: where to start and who to converse with. I have Kidz of Biko as a platform to address these problems but I have no authority figure to talk to. The only person who really comes to mind is our principal but she would obviously have a biased opinion because she headmistress of a school that thrived off colonization.ย 
Phateka Malahleha: Remove tax placed on sanitary pads and tampons and make them as widely available as condoms. I guess the reason why I haven’t started anything is because I found out enough information about the cause. I’d also have to talk to financial people about possibility funding opportunities for it because removing taxes on sanitary products requires more than a protest. However it is something I need to put more time into because it’s something I’m passionate about.ย 
Reitumetse Mokgele: I would create a movement that genuinely empowers the voices of young people but actually has the ability to make a change- as we saw with #feesmustfall it’s hard to get those older people in power to listen to the youth, it’s hard to be taken seriously as young person without older people thinking you’re just making a lot of noise. I guess I haven’t started this movement because I don’t know if it’s even possible in our society to get those in power to listen to the voices of the youth maybe if we had direct links to the government or some sort of a panel then movements like this would be possible.ย 

None of these photos belong to me. They are @sam.vox’s and @stickyleaves on Instagram.


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