Maurice et Moi

Mauritian adventures.
So right off the bat I know I didn’t do nearly as many adventurous things I had promised myself I would- maybe it’s because I take this place for granted and get too comfortable every time we visit. So now I just lounge around the house and do the occasional walk on the beach. 

I will say though that I’m always amazed by this place’s beauty. All the greenery connecting with the water and in between tiny hidden places there is more beauty and serenity to be discovered. I think in my old age I’ll buy a little wooden boat and lay about watching the sun rise and set and listening to the waves until I croak – lol here’s hoping.
The house in which we stay in Mauritius is really far from the airport but that works as a benefit for me because it gives me a chance to look at the ever changing landscapes of Mauritius and to pass through the little towns where I get a glimpse into other people’s lives. I also really enjoy having lunches with a popular Mauritian politician who always knows everything that happens in the country and he has no problem sharing all of these stories with us – his storytelling floats around the table as easily as the smoke does from his cigarettes. 

So if you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful place. Don’t be like me. Get out more and visit different towns- there’s more to this place than just Port Louis- and converse with the locals (a chance to brush up on some french) they have such interesting stories to tell about what happens on this little island. 
I also tried my hand a putting together little videos of my holiday for the blog- which I hope you’ll like. ​​(the sound doesn’t work but on my Instagram @KhanyiGqubs you’ll be able to hear the sound and watch the video) 



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