Note to self: you’re doing great. 

I’m about to attempt to go full on Oprah, you were warned.

So this blog post is inspired by another blogger ( however hers was more about motherhood and raising kids which is something I no absolutely nothing about) but this is a little different. With the anxiety of a new school term coming up with even more responsibilities and academic pressure in my final year. This holiday has me feeling a little inadequate and under prepared for it all. So this is more of a mental note to myself but if anyone else needs here it is for you too. 

Breathe you’re doing fine.
It’s a bit to chaotic in my mind right now and I think everyone could do with a friendly reminder that we’re not below average and we’re not under achievers instead we’re just dealing with things as best we can trying to put one foot forward everyday- sometimes we regress and don’t get anything done and just lay in bed binge watching our favourite series ( for me it’s been Big Little Lies and Sherlock). That’s okay to sometimes we all just need to chill and taking a rest day doesn’t mean you’ve failed or amounted to nought. 
I know some people bake, watch television or YouTube, take a nap, go to the gym, go for a walk or just stare blankly at the wall. It’s all part of the process of getting through everyday with your sanity in tact. It took me a while to realize (and I still struggle) to understand that human beings aren’t robots and we can’t be fully operational 24/7 like it’s impossible- believe me I’ve tried. We need to take time out to gather our thoughts before we get back in the game. 

And these feelings of inferiority are just obstacles (side note: I’m no doctor and if these are persistent feelings then maybe you should see someone professional) in your path preventing you from getting any shit done, also don’t compare your process to anyone else’s we’re all different and we all develop and handle things in our own way. This sounds so fucking cliché but it’s true often what gives me extra stress is trying to figure out how far everyone else is and how they’re coping and that shit can be even more exhausting then just worrying about my own problems and workload. 
So once again inhale and exhale – you’re doing great and even if you’re not right now have faith that brighter days are coming. 

All my love, 



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