Talent is overrated 

I’m pretty sure there’s book dedicated to this topic and if that’s the case it must be true. 

Ok this is in no way bashing those incredibly gifted individuals but I just don’t think talent is necessary. In fact I think it’s this fear of not being talented that stops us from doing things we really love or are yet to love for instance I stopped debating after a particularly bad debate when I ruined my argument by completely screwing up the facts. I was mortified. To this day I still cringe and I had to quickly get out of it. Not only was it a lot of work being on the debating team I made it ten times harder for myself by believing that I was bad at it and that really killed my confidence. 
I know I’m not alone here and that many people have never tried something or quit something because they thought the weren’t talented enough to see it through. Sometimes I wish I had the persistence my mother has and I wish I believed in myself the way she believes in me. If I could everyone a special gift I’d give them my mom because she will cheer for you non-stop even when you’re absolutely rubbish.

Once upon a time there was a really fat kid (me) who never ever listened to my ballet instructor. Instead I would make up my own choreography in class (and for the record I thought I was amazing). So it’s no surprise my ballet teacher didn’t want me in her class and made this known to my mother that her child wasn’t graceful and sure as hell wasn’t a good ballet student. However my mom knowing that I absolutely loved to dance sent me back every Monday and Thursday for ballet lessons and never failed to encourage me to continue perusing my ballet aspirations. The point of this little story was just to prove what a champ my mom can be and that everyone needs to be their own little cheerleader- when mom’s not around. 
Talent is overrated and I think passion is far more important. If you love it do it. Looking back at when I used to cringe whenever people who couldn’t sing would insist on doing just that, I can see that it was really unfair of me. It takes so much bravery and passion to chase after your dreams whatever they may be. In fact sometimes it’s more beautiful watching someone who really enjoys doing something over someone who is really talented at doing something, they just have that thing you know. 

And sometimes if you’re lucky (more often than not) that passion can turn into talent – sadly this wasn’t the case for my ballet dancing but I digress… point is whatever the hell want to do and don’t worry too much about this frivolous thing called talent. 

Love Always, 



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