The Law Of Attraction

So I’ve been meaning to write about this after I did some research about it and found it to be really true. 
Basically this law states that like attracts like and whether we like it or not we are responsible for the type of energy that surrounds us whether it’s a positive energy or a negative energy. So to tie it up positive people will attract happy energies and happy people like negative people will attract negative energies and negative people.

I’m sure many have actually experienced this(without knowing). When you’re in a really good mood it seems as though you’re surrounded by people who are also in a really good mood and it seems that really good things are happening to you. Even if some bad things happen you’re optimistic that you can overcome these obstacles. Similarly when you’re in a really bad mood it seems like the world is just there to test you- everything is just going terribly and you can find no positive outlook on things and the people around you become moody/grouchy/unhappy. 

So with this knowledge it’s pretty easy to understand why being a positive person can have much better effects on your quality of life because absolutely nobody wants to live with this dark raining cloud every single day. It’s much better for your wellbeing if you walk in the sunlight… which admittedly is much easier said than done. 

I know I’m sounding like a smart arse Life guru (which I’m definitely not) but I think it’s necessary to spread positivity and positive blog posts on this platform. It’s so easy to become discontented when you listen to the news, looking at the poverty and unemployment figures,listening to Donald Trump speak or just focusing on your own personal problems. Sometimes it’s really great to just see the positive side of things and I’m about 80% that positivity will surround you… maybe not immediately but sure enough it will get better as you get better.

I never want anyone to forget that like attracts like and we are responsible for most of the negative and positive things that happen in our lives as well as how we deal with tough times. That being said, never forget to bring light and meaning into every interaction you have today.
All my love, 



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