Interested in interiors 

So lately I’ve been watching a lot of decor shows on the home channel, following interior designers on Instagram and even watching numerous YouTube videos. 

Now I know that I’m very far from decorating my own place, in fact the closest opportunity I’ll get to decorating my own space is my dorm room in university residence next year but a girl can dream. 

Also it’s worth a mention that many of these interiors are way beyond my price range but they’re great to look at all the same. I’ve just been so fascinated at how people use their spaces effectively and get to really make a house into a home- and some people are really amazing at this. I’m especially in love with kitchens and dining areas because besides the bedroom that’s where I think people spend most of their time. It’s also where the hosting magic happens- very Lauren Conradesque

For me I like things to be really simple and homey looking,if that’s even a style, I just think a home that doesn’t try to hard to look like the Ritz is more realistic. Nobody lives in a 5 star hotel and I would hate to feel as though I’m ruining the general aesthetic of the house just by living in it (either sitting on the couch, messing up the kitchen or putting my coffee directly on the table). 

So anyways that’s enough rambling about topics I know little about.
All my love,



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