Choose Happiness today.

Following up on my previous blog post about The Law of Attraction this post will be centered around little ways we can chose happiness everyday. I’m still learning how to be happy rather than being angry and bitter- it’s hard so little tips like these can help. 

So that being said the first way to chose happiness today is counting your blessings. It’s really easy to forget the great things you have in your life and all the privileges you’ve received and all the people you have had the privilege of knowing like your amazing friends and family. 

Next up is smiling more. This is pretty hard for me considering my favorite facial expression is really mutual and borders on a resting bitch face. However it’s been proven that smiling can actually change your mood and the interactions you have with other people. I’m not saying smile for the creepy guy who’s calling out at you and telling you to smile and giving you “compliments” from across the road. I’m telling you to smile for yourself whenever you want to and on the flip side feel free to frown and scowl whenever you wish to too.
Next up is stop complaining. For South Africans this could be the hardest point on this small list to a happier day. We literally complain about everything and sometimes these complaints are justified like when our government fails us or when taxi drivers are doing all sorts of illegal things. But think about it to complain constantly means that you have to be critical of everything and everyone all the time and with that kind of mentality how on earth are you meant to be happy? You can’t even apply the other steps like gratitude and smiling if you’re always finding the downside to everything. 

Next step is using your strengths and integrating that into your day. So maybe you’re a good conversationalist or a really sociable person. You can use this strength by starting conversations with people through your day and maybe even learning more about the people you live with, the people you work with or the people you commute with. By doing things you’re good at it boosts your confidence and makes you kinda feel invincible. 
Lastly is treating people kindly. This I think is really important cause not only does it positively effect your life it also positively effects other people’s lives. But this is also really tricky because sometimes people just test your patience and make it exceeding difficult to be polite and kind to them. However everyone deserves it and actually you have no idea what kind of day that person has had and what a few kind words could do for them. I mean just take 13 Reasons Why as an example, nobody knows what people deal with everyday and so it’s important to treat people with kindness and handle with love and care. 

That’s all I have to say for now. 

All my love,



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