Flaws are perfection

What’s the obsession with perfection and attaining it. It’s just so unrealistic and quite depressing because who the hell is “perfect” and who sets the bar and makes the criteria for perfection. Who decided what the perfect hair, perfect body, perfect life looks like. To the group of people who created these impossibly high standards…fuck you. 

To me flaws are great, they make things so special. If we all just fit into these boxes of perfection then who the hell would grow? Who the hell would break boundaries and take society forward? What a waste of diverse DNA, cultures and personalities when we all try to be the same and look the same. It’s as bland as watching beauty and lifestyle gurus on YouTube that all share the exact same content from fake “get ready with me”, “Coachella experiences”, “night time routines” and really exaggerated click-bait with some mediocre storytelling. Now imagine everyone on earth being like that. 
Flaws and quirks are so important, they make things so interesting they add some spice to even the most mundane. Thank god that they’re so many unique people that are okay with being flawed and are okay with standing out from the crowd… where would we be without them. My hope is for everyone to just be themselves and screw the impossible standards. 

You’re Beyoncรฉ and I hope you never forget it

All my love,



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