5 Big little lies

Oh my goodness. This show left me speechless and that doesn’t happen very often. This was a show that really messed up my mind but I could take some really important lessons from it: 

1. People go through some serious shit in their lives and we don’t even know. Maybe not always as extreme as domestic abuse but there are people right now that are going through their own personal hells and we should all just be kinder to people. These people could even be your friends and you’d be none the wiser about their circumstances and their daily struggles. Point is offer more hugs and support- it’s free after all. 

2. Sometimes people make really crappy choices and really mess up big time no matter how put together they may seem. Everybody has an oops moment(maybe even more than one) nobody is a saint and that’s really comforting to know on your worst days. The knowledge that literally everybody has had them and when you’ve really screwed up know you’re not alone on the ship of mistakes. 

3. Parents(especially single parent households) they have it tough. As their kids we’re not always understanding that our parents are actually people who have their own insecurities and problems in their lives. It also must be pretty hard watching your kids grow up and need you less, like they literally taught you how to use a spoon and the bathroom and now you’re just going to up and leave them. It’s a hard and thankless job, it’s amazing people even still do it. 

4. We all need friends. A good support system for when the road gets tough and you’re just not strong enough today at least there’s always this set group of people to help you. Be it for clapbacks in arguments or just to have your back even when you’re not even around. We all need them, our own superhero unit. Nobody can get by alone and it’s always beneficial to let the people who love and support you in and share things with them. 

5. Lastly you just need to let go already. Stop holding on to grudges and beefs from like 15 years ago. Move on and be the grown up- nobody is interested in listening to your long term grievances… it can get really irritating for them. Life isn’t a game and revenge isn’t always necessary(sometimes but not always). If you keep looking behind you you’re going to end up ruining anything good that waits in front of you. There are no do-overs so just move on for the sake of your sanity and everybody else’s. 

All my love, 


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