Why Facebook, why

I don’t know why but I was feeling nostalgic one day and was really wondering what everyone was up to in the world of Facebook. Since I deactivated some years ago it would be great to see what had changed and what’s remained the same right? Wrong. 

When I logged into Facebook (admittedly after many failed attempts and incorrect passwords) I was immediately bombarded by Facebook’s friendly suggestions like I should update my profile and security settings and I should also download the app to make using Facebook easier to navigate. Shame, little did they know I was definitely not here to stay. Just to do some stalking (much deeper investigations than Instagram) and then leave for another few years. 

The next annoying thing was seeing all my really embarrassing pictures from when I had no eyebrows, really bad hairstyles and really badly edited photographs. It was all tragic really. None of this being Facebook’s fault of course, I only have myself to blame for this. I will however never forgive Facebook for allowing people to do these really stupid little quizzes about friendships because then we all have to be subjected to this. There were also a hundred and one of the same photographs( well from slightly different angles) in people’s photo albums- how many different variations do we need of you overlooking a scenic view (lol guilty of this one) or of your legs at the beach. Just stop. We understand your holiday has been amazing. Also I really didn’t miss the hundreds of birthday messages posted for a person and while it’s great on your day, it isn’t so great for the other days in the year.
Next up are those irritating notifications for friend anniversaries… why. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? This is so beyond lame and cringe… especially if that person is no longer your friend offline… awkward times. I also remembered why I was prompted to leave the Facebook community. Far too many old people in my family had asked to be my friend and like I fool I accepted so obviously I have myself to blame for this one too because my timeline was just filled with posts that only people over 35 would find amusing. 
And of course my blog post about my Facebook experience just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Facebook stories. Another big why. Also on a slightly separate note I truly believe that there should be a special kind of punishment reserved for those people who torture us and post the same thing on Snapchat, Whatsapp stories and Instagram stories. Friends don’t do this to each other. Especially if your life is not even interesting… why why why!?

That’s all from me today. All my love,



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