“The woman next to me in the bus stares past me out the window while humming the most tender, little song, her face yellow with light. Every so often she claps her small, life marked hands and blinks away her past. I imagine a whole history stretching between the bones of us, a grand bundle of victories. Oh, the things we’ve had to forgive to get here- whole years of silence, a body filled with fort, the grief that claimed the empty side of the bed. The woman next to me in the bus wears her years like a summer dress, stretches her fingers like tiny kingdoms. I look at her and hope one day we won’t remember all the things we’ve had to survive, only that we did. “
These are not my words but they are my favorite words strung together that perfectly sums up the beauty and sadness of life around us. A life so easily seen through the light or darkness of others. These letters strung together act as a daily reminder that we all make it through and in the end too we’ll wear our stories and only speak of our survival. In the hopes that those who come after us know that all is not lost and that with time things move on – but change is always for the better. 
That’s all I have for today. This post and all my love, 



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