This is a rant. 

Get fucking ready, I’m going off. 

Has anyone else noticed that the people who literally have no clue and the least knowledge about a topic (like five lines is the extent of their research) always have the most to say about that particular topic. Not just online(which is slightly more forgivable because you get swept up in what’s trending) but in real life too. Which is just to damn irritating – do people realize how ignorant and insensitive they sound? 

If anybody is unfamiliar with this I will be more than willing to shed some light. For instance have you ever asked a man if he’s a feminist only to have him reply no and go on about how feminists are man hating women who don’t believe in equality but rather want women to be superior and that it’s just a bunch of radical ideals. However when you ask him if he believes that women(like his mother) deserve equal rights and equal pay he is 100% on board?? Ding Ding Ding brother man is one of those people. Lots of talk and no research. 

#menaretrash has been trending and has been a hot discussion topic of late which was really sparked by Karabo Mokoena’s death – the story goes is that her boyfriend not only murdered her but also burnt her and then confessed to her father. So many South African women came forward to share their horrific experiences or even the more everyday unpleasant encounters they’ve had with men. These encounters have made women feel unsafe and scared to just exist. 

One would have hoped that this would have encouraged many men to become more informed about how the other half of the population is treated because of men and encourage them to change or to call out such behavior. Let. Me. Tell. You. The opposite happened thus #notallmen was created. There were hundreds of men fighting back and actually blaming the women for not being vigilant enough, there were also many husbands and boyfriends expecting women to be so delighted at the fact that they are hanging out with their girlfriends/wives instead of killing or abusing them. Or that they are being a present father in their daughter’s life.. like excuse me? Do we clap for a bird because it’s flying. Friends. THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE MEANT TO DO. Being decent and doing the bare minimum isn’t an achievement. Failing to recognize your role in society and how it contributes to women constantly feeling frightened makes you a trashy human being. When you don’t call out your friends for sexist behavior- it makes you trash. If you call out at a woman who is just trying to walk down the street and get to her destination (probably already feeling on edge about walking alone) then you’re trash. If you keep insisting that a girl give you her number even when you can see she’s visibly uncomfortable and you only stop harassing her when she says she has a boyfriend-this often doesn’t even work- then you my friend are TRASH. If you want to be praised for not being a murder or rapist then (everyone say it with me now) you sir are trash. By telling you you’re trash we’re hoping that you use this opportunity to get recycled and then put back into society as a new and improved person. 
Basically to conclude and wrap this up. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW SHIT ABOUT SHIT. DON’T SAY SHIT. 


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