Don’t tell us to be vigilant. 

First of all: how dare you. 
You have no idea at all what it is like to have to constantly watch your back and constantly make sure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times. 

I don’t think you’ve ever had to map out escape routes in every unknown places just to be sure and remember to tell your friends and family where you’ll be at all times so that they know your whereabouts if you’re ever in danger. Always having to be your own watch dog even when you’re taking a five minute walk because you know that all it takes is those five minutes (or less) for somebody to drive up next to you and shove you in the back of a car. 
We make all sorts of jokes about why girls go to the bathroom in groups and that it is just against girl code to go alone. Well clearly we use this humour to hide the dark but ever present reality that the real reason women do not go to the bathroom alone is because they do not feel safe enough to do so. So us girls have got to literally stick together. Imagine a world so twisted that you don’t feel safe to do anything alone because you’re always fearing the worst. 
When you tell me to be vigilant instead of getting angry while simultaneously reprimanding me and my entire gender “for leading guys on” by giving them fake phone numbers, you ask “why not just say no?” Well if I say no and end up being murdered, burnt and left without any dignity whatsoever then you’ll say it was my fault for even talking to the man and then provoking him by saying no. Or you’ll blame it on the length of my skirt as if clothing is to blame for rape and not the actual rapists. News flash. Women get raped everyday no matter what they’re wearing modestly dressed or barely clothed. It happens. 
You do not have the right (and I can’t even believe you have the audacity) to tell women to be vigilant when vigilance is literally all we have ever known. We were thought from such a young age to always be on the look out because the people in this world can do some very bad things to little girls. So stay close to the others or always hold mommy’s hand and it will be alright. Vigilance is embedded in our X chromosomes so don’t you even dare try and give us a lecture about keeping a watchful eye when you have absolutely no idea what it is likes. 


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