An embodiment of resilience 

I’m here for the black women. 
Yesterday afternoon my mother and I made a trip to the police station to get some of my documents certified. Lucky for us we chose that particular Sunday at that particular Police station to view the literal embodiment of black women magic and black excellence. A few women in the local community had joined forces to protest violence against women and the lack of seriousness surrounding this issue that only seems to be getting worse for South African women. Although their story may never make the headlines on any major newspapers or news stations they continued on with their demonstration. Which is something you don’t see too often- but maybe I should just get out more because clearly black women are taking charge (not that they haven’t been doing so prior to this, but this particular incident was eye opening). 

So anyways this group of women of all ages. Marched straight to the police station to tell these police officers exactly what’s up and how they are feeling like they’re not allowed to exist and constantly being preyed on by men. I would also just like to use this opportunity to really applaud the police officer in charge for really listening to them, not being dismissive, admitting to his faults, and explaining the police officers’ side of things without escalating the situation into a full blown argument. I wish more men would take this approach instead of spewing out all sorts of nonsense like “not all men are trash”. 
I recently came across a post that so accurately described the #menaretrash. This post said that basically we know that not all men are trash but it’s too many men. Enough men who have made women feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Enough men to make us feel afraid. Just enough men to make it a social problem and not a personal one. 

I would just like to also point out why must it be black women who are forced to deal with such issues ALONE? I didn’t see any white women present at the demonstration nor have I seen many white women get into debates online or even in real life about this issue despite it affecting them directly and it affecting their so called “sisters”. I also didn’t see any black men. It’s so hard to get black men to even stand up for black women and normally they are the perpetrators (I’m just saying). So really for black women it seems like white women don’t have your back despite this “pussy power” solidarity and we as black women don’t have black men to stand with us either(but they expect us to be there for them when it comes to police brutality and issues of race yet they ghost us when it comes time for gender and race to intersect). That’s just my read. 
Anyways more power to the beautiful queens who are just out there fighting for women to be equal,safe and happy in our country. I hope that more women will start rising up and hopefully we can turn this system around. 

All my love, 


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